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Sustainable project

Our production chain will be entirely sustainable: certified wood, natural oils and energy from renewable sources

More livable cities

Thanks to BikeUp people will finally know where to put their bicycle: thus, on short or medium journeys, they will start to use it every day 

We plant lots of trees

Choose the BikeUp model you like best: in doing so, you will plant 3, 6 or 12 trees

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BikeUp is the solution, at home and at work

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How many people do you know who claim that they would gladly use other systems to get around, but that the car is more comfortable? Even when we could go on foot or by bicycle, we often don’t do so because we are not used to it. The first problem that arises, alongside that of harmful emissions for our planet, is that of accumulating harmful toxins for our body and our mind.
One of our main objectives is to help create a different socio-economic model that does not impoverish the planet and the people who inhabit it.

If each product benefited the community, work and free time would acquire a much higher value and would be closer to a truly sustainable model of life on the planet.

BikeUp sets itself another essential objective – that of not negatively affecting the ecosystem. Indeed, it is an added value to improve it. The planting of 5, 10 or 20 trees will occur with each BikeUp model sold.
BikeUp production will meticulously respect the life cycle of the raw materials needed to build it. Only PEFC certified woods will be used, which guarantee fair work and the immediate planting of new trees after cutting; will be treated with natural oil, certified for the treatment of toys; finally, the energy used will come exclusively from renewable sources.
We do not agree with those who argue that humanity must stop growing to respect the planet. It must instead pursue sustainable and therefore conscious growth, knowing the natural and social mechanisms and eliminating all the actions and procedures that prove harmful for the ecosystem. 
The penguins you see in the photo all look the same, instead they belong to two different species: in a defined ecosystem, they stop trying to prevail over each other, because conflict, in all probability, would condemn both to a rapid disappearance, with consequent impoverishment of their island / ecosystem. For this reason, from generation to generation, they have learned to live together, respect each other and even to collaborate!
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